Sunday, July 16, 2017

An Apology and a Promise: A Lighthearted Self-Reflection on the Use of Curation Tools

The First Five Tabs I Have Open at This Moment

62: Bookmarked items on Facebook
1308: Pins on Pinterst 
71: "Want to Read" books on Goodreads bookshelf 
34: Articles save to "Online Learning" folder 
16: Clip to OneNote files

Apparently, I like to bookmark things. Maybe even more than I like to make lists. 

I was very excited to see two of my favorite words show up in this week's discussion: Curation and Folksonomies. Ok, I'll admit I had never heard the work folksonomies before, but I quickly Clipped its Wikipedia page and added it to the top of my list of words to use more often.

Honestly, I didn't realize just how much information I had saved. So as I reviewed the curation tools for class this week, I made it a point to go through some of the bookmarked items that I've found worthy of adding to one site or another. And as I suspected, hours went by as I let out tiny squeals of excitement "This is perfect! I'll surely use it soon!" and mumbled "Why did I save this?" from behind my computer screen.

This made me start thinking about the experiences students have when they are first learning to research and organize. Whenever I would introduce them to research, I would stress to them how important it was to keep up with the sources that they were using, but more often than not, I'd have students who would inevitably cite the wrong authors or forget where the information came from when they tried to include it on the reference page. But after seeing all the horribly organized articles I have, I am beginning to think I should have been more sympathetic to them, or at least taught them how to save their research. 

To my former students: Sorry about that. My bad. 

Taking this week's reading and tool suggestions into consideration, I am vowing to do a better job with organizing folders, using tags, and reviewing saved items. I am going to set aside time to make sure all of my saved items are relevant, tagged, and where they should be. 

Hmm... I wonder how I should get started? Oh! I know, I'll bookmark that page I found on how to curate and manage online resources. Now where did I see that...

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  1. Hello Melissa, I was also delighted when I saw this as a topic and I am also guilty of bookmarking several things. I have no idea just how long my list of bookmarks gos and I am quite the hoarder (always thinking you'll never know when this will be important again) so I have a hard time going through and deleting the bookmarks-even if I haven't used them in literally years. Inspired by your post-I will try to clean up my bookmark list. I don't really feel the need to use a bookmarking tool at the moment because I am so familiar with my current system, but have you any recommendations or found a good online curation tool?